King Dirty

Do I find you radiant or shadowed today.
As the light shines from behind I am eclipsed in my tendency to beg, gravel & drown in deprivation of live flesh.
I suckle leather for salt so I can be wanton of deeper thirst.
You left that empty wine vessel for me to pine away.
I know it was you, by your lip stick impression, blood red.
My eye’s burn from ash of my past lives body, wafting and choking my memory of you.
My daughter, wife & lover with their razor sharp stares accosting my vigilance, as I expect you near.
You turn down that narrow avenue were I once lived to find me gone, again.
In silent free fall like a misstep falls but does not land were it was intended.
You bruised my corpse, looked into the sky and laughed.
Oh how I love your evil smirk as you push me off your body.
I don’t dream here, I am lonesome and vapid with no direction home.
I was King Dirty, with impure thoughts of rape and molestation and you still had me.
On my knees I craw in your post industrial world, weighted by my aging lust for soft mercy.
Can’t you see me? I’m rite here in the the corner with you know, him.
He frightens me and I cant shake his presence, all I want is slipping away loudly.
I thought this would be something different like flying or sailing but its not.
There is no star light, no air, no ray of human warmth, no loved ones greeting, I am cold.
I wish I had told you but I did not know, breath, breath, breath, damn it  breath.
Its too late the theater is closed & the little cafe were we met serves a different clientele.
They play elevator musak and smoking is not allowed.
If not for you, it would be good to be gone.
If I wake to find I am born, I shall cry and scream Where Have YOU GONE?!!
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