Friends, New & Old

I have two friends, who departed on separate journeys, neither know one another,  though each is going to meet with their past and their future. One was an old friend who is married with children. The other is a new friend that is searching for what is to define her life. Both had my best wishes for a safe journey. My old friend headed  eastward, & my new friend went westward.

My old friend, his wife and two young daughters headed off to Washington D.C. He and his wife are loving parents, who share with all their children an unbreakable bond of  trust and care. Truly, they are what any parents should be,  devoted and benevolent. I stand in awe of their devotion to create the very best experience for their children. 

Like any who venture to our nation’s capital, they will find more than their combined imagination could  allow for. In that place where our leaders craft laws, steeped in the sacrifices of our forefathers. They will find monument’s to our past heros, symbols our collective freedom & halls of justice for all free men & women. It would be more than I could write of in this blog. I don’t know what their two young daughters will grasp, on their journey, but they will all have the memories of this shared experience. In this day and age it will be, without a doubt an impact of unparalleled value.

My new friend is a wise young woman, who I have just begun to know. I do believe she & I have shared a past life, if only because what we share now is so unique.  She has an old soul, and those mysteries that reveal such truth, are meant to be experienced when you are ready to accept a greater responsibility. This is where she & I cross paths, once again, as we both have and possess the insight to face what is next on our paths. We ultimately have separate journeys, but for the time being we have what few ever come to realize, a deep abiding care for the other. Trust me when I say what we have shared so far, is not of a romantic or sexual in nature, though it is charged with emotion and honesty. She calls it strangely wonderful, a whirlwind and I agree.

She is on her way to meet with her mother at her childhood home, and then the two of them go on to Columbia together. Her twin brother is going to be married in ceremony and the families will meet for the first time. Her brother and soon to be new wife are also expecting a baby boy, and that brings my friend a new relationship that will make her an aunt for the first time. She is so excited for this, as it is also her wish someday to be a mother.  It is just her brother and her so this is the  first child to come into this family in a long time, that makes it indeed special. It is all about new beginnings and old relationships finding new paths.

What we all ultimately go down is our paths, to form what is our past, unfolding into our future. When you can share that with family it makes all the joy and  pain of this life seem worth the journey.

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