AMERICA And The Politics of Selling the Dream

      Let me start with this, I love the land and people, that is the EARTH & the Human race. The older I get the more I remember. What is killing me is what they, our leadership wants us to do and that is to forget.  I don’t have to  recite the history of the human race you know about the wars and oppression. The failed civilizations, empires, kingdoms, states &  …  We all know what is wrong and what we need, to be better (of good and will). The spilling of blood has gotten us nowhere, as the hijacking of our future for the needs of a handful of people (mostly men) is destroying our world.  To be divisive is a violence as  is racism and a killing is a killing to take what is not yours. To take so that they no longer have. 

We have nowhere left to go on this world, to be free of the terror of man and our greed.  It is just the plain hard truth, if you were to describe to an alien the history of our world, you would be embarrassed. If you had to explain why we chose to destroy and enslave people so we could prosper as divided nations of warring cultures, religions and people, you would feel shame. 

        In America, we talk allot about democracy and freedom We have a constitution  &  at its heart  speaks to our  inalienable rights as human beings. Give us your poor, your  hungry, your …  We offer a dream of a life, free from terror and oppression, and it is all good.  Life and the pursuit of happiness, as long as you work  and pay your taxes and  fallow the law the dream will be yours.  Well we had a test in our first 100  years of history to see how important the ideas in the constitution, really are.  A  civil war, a war over slavery and a test of our collective morality to stand for something to be a witness, to testify to the truth in and behind what is our constitution.  It  was  the only time in our history as “one nation under God” that war was committed to within our borders. It was a war over free labor for the south to preserve the way of life that was  the white land owners life. The right to own another human being, as chattel, slave void of dignity and grace of god.

      The north was victorious,  and the cost in human life was great, so great it came with the loss of one of history’s greatest humanitarians, “President Lincoln”. Lincoln spoke of a house divided and how such a house could not stand. Those words still  echo throughout this land. My fellow American’s  the very foundation of our house is being threatened by men and women in Washington  playing politic with human rights. The dream  is being hijacked again, just like in the 1860’s  by people who want you to work for them but as a trade for basic services, not the better of life but to better their life. Follow the money , you pay, pay, pay work, work, work and the politicians get paid to keep you down, make you a few worthless promises, getting your vote, if you vote and when it really  matters to you and  your families needs they play games with you life. They talk like they care for you but they don’t, because if they did, your health/life would not be as important as it is now.  Health care,  wow, what a concept,  without your health you have no life. (life, liberty & justice) 4 letter words  like care  and life really mean  socialism, right?  I must be delusional to think that  democracy is anything but a  social issue. Let me not  slip into a rant.

 So  the republicans think that it is fair to play politics with your dream, life/health  What could be  more important to the dream than a life to dream of?  I’ll tell  you what is  more important than your rights, it’s the rights of  Insurance Companies to pay lobbyist  to  put forth their agenda, which is to make bigger profits without a bigger tax on corporate earning. So lets see they can donate as much as they want to a political campaign, to  buy the tax code that only services  their needs. The law makers will play ball because they get to decide on issues like campaign finance reform,  and health care reform, banking reform….  Okay repeat after me, REGULATION, did you hear that? That is one of those words they use to describe BIG GOVERNMENT & it  is not the republican way. This would mean that they might have to work to protect someone elses interest instead of their re-election campaigns  finances. The psycho babble that the republican party has introduced into the political process of law making says,  that the only government they want is the one that insures their future.

       I hope you are getting the point,this is the politic of selling the dream. It is that question, what is, is? what is the dream ? Is it an unattainable wish, for a better life? or is it that people can live with & have all the advantages of the progress, of a growing, prosperous society? Isn’t that what our fore fathers  really intended  when they spoke of life, liberty & the pursuit  of happiness?  On that note what is happiness?  I think it is healthy people sharing the best of their labor, not hijacking your hard work, holding hostage your wellbeing for bigger insurance premiums.

        Anything worth doing is worth doing better (of good & will) not better than Canada, Switzerland & …  or for bragging rites.  We must find a way to get our collective wellbeing back in the hands of the men and women who have been the driving force behind this countries successes. Bill Gates without the american public has no charity to develop, nor does any other champion of industry enjoy any profit without the hard work of each American. As  long  as we have issues such as corporate abuses of tax loop holes & outrageous product mark ups, like, say, 40% on insurance premiums we will suffer under the oppression of corporate America. One last question, How is the oath, “to do no harm”, being held to by the doctors and hospital who charge such high fee’s for services? Now that is a fine start to my next blog.

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  1. So bro, we talked about how raw this is. Naked even. The cascade of social connections in your topics here, from ideal to general example warrant in-depth refinement. I don’t mean the spit and polish of a politically correct marketing pundit, yet more like a gardener might draw out the power of nature in a bonsai planting.

    Shape your ideas of sovereignty and society beyond historical limits. Then set those ideas next to historical examples. Help me understand what you mean by “of good and will” then move from that understanding to how it relates to social order and democracy, law, governance and war. You have so many topics rolled into one here. You are on to something though.

    Help make it manageable for me. Earth has a few natural border types, work within them, and with the people that live within them too. I get that we are a complex species, in a complex society, and have a deep history. If all I am left with is all that complexity happening at once, I’ll be lost in my own confusion rather than clear on what you are finding meaningful or how I might question my view of one of your topics.

    • Dear, Paul
      I like raw,doesn’t that suggest honesty? When we are naked we tend to have nothing to hide. I do like the anaology of the “gardner”, and I’m in this to not only explore, but to refine thought’s, idea’s and passion’s. It is my way to fallow some of the idea’s, that frame who I am in this life.
      Idea’s are timeless, they are historical and belong to no one person, but to that witch is “humanity”. “Thought, word and deed” Thought is an energetic language/dialog of God and man, Word, is our attempt to mimic, imitate that language/dialog and Deed, is our souls possession, in creativity”. “Of good and Will” is the definition of “better” and this word is & has been largely missused, missunderstood.
      I understand what you aresaying as far as grammar, I get it. I would like you to perhaps take in and exchange some idea’s upon the content. If you are too critical, as to the make of the car, how will you ever enjoy the journey? Isn’t that what we are on, a journey?
      Our critical voice’s on subject’s that are common to us all, is what helps us to progress. Interesting word, “progress” an advance or developement toward a better. The very thing’s that make us human are not only our strength’s, but also our weakness’s.
      The expectation of the artist is to create… Though, it is up to the viewer to find their own meaning in the artist expression. Life is not experienced within the confines or conformities, it is experienced through the freedom of possibilities. ” Ghost crowd the young child’s fragil, eeg shell mind, on dawns highway bleeding” J. Morrison. How are we to discover our creativity/truth’s, if we don’t take the journey?

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