The Politic’s of The “LIE”

We have all told a lie and a “truth” is, that admission. There is the white lie, the half truth, the lie of omission, the bold face (“LIE”)  &  …. The need to reshape a truth, is a dysfunction. On its own, a truth has its own shape, as all thing’s in nature do, even a “lie”. The lie we tell ourselves is the one that does the most damage. Make no mistake, all lie’s do damage. Justice is only served well by the will of the good, as we testify to it. To tell a lie, we tell ourselves that lie first, like a rehearsal. Its a universal damage because once its out there you can’t get it back, no do over’s, “DONE”.

In the past month’s we have heard a lot about health care and the debates of political ideology in America, over it. I find its odd, that our elected official’s, “who are charged to uphold our constitution” feel that the peoples justice is served by reshaping the truth to fit their ideology. The dysfunction of the republican party to mis-state the  people’s need’s to and right’s to be protected against the abuses of  the insurance industry, is borderline criminal behavior.  As they(republican’s) take kick backs, make back room deals and accept questionable campaign contributions, they distort the good and will of the people. Any politician, republican or democrat…, who practices these abuse’s, is wrong.

Not all republican’s are bad people though the actions of the few, reshape the good and will of all people. True change comes with honesty,  and the desire to be of good and will, “better”. Better people are a healthy people of mind and body. Using fear, is a tool of the lie, and when you abuse your office to further your agenda, you are wrong. I wonder, if some in the republican party realize, that they look like rabid dog’s protecting their kill? Perception  is sometimes the only thing that separates us and them or this and that. Health care is not a commodity, it is an inalienable right, for all  human being’s. We are a nation of law’s that  protect our inalienable, human right’s. When the republican’s distort our constitution, to further their ideology & agenda they are not protecting the people’s constitution. They are attempting to  insert  their ideology & agenda into our constitution as a back door to policy & law making, and they are wrong.

 One lie, that the republican’s are telling is that, come november they will regain the majority in Washington D.C. (FEAR). Another lie is that the American public does not want health care reform or the health care reform bill, that was signed into law today (LIE). I am not a constitutional scholar, though I know how to read and I listen real well. Nowhere in our constitution does it say that, the republican party will  be right on all issue’s, of law making … or  that the republican party has the right to  use fear and distortion to hijack the will of the people. Republican’s want and need to be in control of American policy and law making. When I see this kind of desperation, I know that something is wrong. Everyone has witnessed the era’s of Clinton (42) through Bush (43)  to the present & that the  republicans are the party of  NO, to the well-being of the American people. Through tactic’s of might makes right or what they don’t know can’t hurt us (republican’s) (WMD’s?). I could go on, but I think you get my point.

It’s not that I’m a democrat or I want you to hate the republican party. It’s that we American’s have suffered under this  bully mentality long enough. I am gonna call it the way I see it. Calling people of color the “(N)” word is bully politic’s & racist. Calling people of conscience “(baby killer)” is bully politic’s. Calling people of same-sex relationship “(fagot’s…)” is bully politic’s & hateful.  What message is the republican party employing?  HATE, DIVISIVENESS, GREED dare I say, RACISM I am  a white male, heterosexual what will they call me? “Stick’s and  stone’s…” Republican’s have just shown us all they can not be trusted.

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  1. I agree totally with your assessment. If right from the start, our constitutional framers didn’t want the arbitration of two points of view, they would have specified a one party government. In their wisdom they knew that people could get carried away on the right or on the left and become zealots. Zealots or ideologues are dangerous because they say “my way or the highway.” Reasonable people say, ‘what do we agree on, let’s start there and see one by one the things we disagree on.” Maybe the disagreements could be dropped or one party could persuade the other or drop the issue for the time being. Then Ultimately, we are a nation that votes. We have agreed that the election winners rule with consideration to the opposition. For 250 years we have transferred power peacefully. We even fought a Civil War to remain ONE Nation.

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