If you think what is happening in the Wisconsin state house will not be tried in your home state, you are mistaken. The zealotry of the GOP has a Plan and it is to take away our power to mobilize and register democratic voters. To inhibit labor in their ability to bargain for their rights to a fair wage. Labor built this country and labor will have to rebuild it long after the GOP loses in 2012.

America, it is time to support labor in Wisconsin. Let us all send a message by not buying Wisconsin products. Like Miller beer or Wisconsin cheese, all dairy products. This is the only way they (THE GOP) will feel the sting of their poor choices. Don’t stop at products you can boycott tourism to the state as well. If you can add to the list of products & services, of WISCONSIN I welcome you to comment on this blog with your suggestions.

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  1. All th work benefits we enjoy today and take for granted, at one time in the early part of the 20th C., workers(and most from Wisc.)earned by risking their lives. Labor barons sent out goons just like dictators do in 3rd world countries to suppress legitimate demands of human beings. Collective bargaining is as democratic as choosing our government and protecting dignity of life. We should do all we can to support the demonstrators in Wisconsin because once again the goons want to take over.I’m not going to Door County for a holiday as I planned, What can you do?

  2. I don’t get how not buying Wisconsin products in general will send the right message? Is there a list of union busting corporations supporting the GOP candidates to have a look at? I would buy products from companies that want to fight back by supporting unions as well as candidates that focus on solving real problems. Many Cheese producers are family owned businesses, regardless of size, or incorporation status. Voting with your pocketbook makes some sense but please refine the generalization.

    • The point is simple, it is about tax revenues. Big business values profits above all other concerns. That is why labor has to negotiate a fare living wage. If workers compensation was even handed we wouldn’t need collective bargaining signed into law. It is not even handed, so we have the law. If not for the rule of law we go backward, not forward. So the GOP wants to play hard ball & play dirty politics. One thing about labor is that they are not afraid of dirty work. That is why they deserve a good wage. If big business can’t profit the STATE of WISCONSIN does not get the Tax revenue. It is just that simple. THIS IS UNION BUSTING by the GOP i.e. The Republicans. There is nothing generalized here or with what the GOP is attempting to do. My heart goes out to all Wisconsinites who will suffer more indignity for the GOP”s Agenda i.e. To Keep a workforce In economic Hardship with 22 months till the next election in 2012, there is no coincidence.

  3. It’s apparent the majority of Wisconsin support these ploys. Boycott of all products the unions deem. They might have a change of heart in the next election.

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