I am Chicago born and raised, traveled 40+ states looking for America. I am a musician, writer &  lover of the good fight. Wile I have held many job’s I am a carpenter by trade. I am 40 something year’s old trying to recapture some of that lust for life of my younger year’s. I like preserving rather than reproducing where possible. But more than anything I want to give people something new to think about, enjoy, debate,  argue, agree upon and mostly remember.  I have suffered abuses and have made mistakes, I know joy and pain and  how to express my self.

I have written Over 200 songs & lyrics and some children’s stories……, though I am going to try, and keep it fresh and expand  into some op. ed. , social & political writing. From time to time I will add some of my real life stories.

 I have played the guitar since I was around 8 or 9 year’s old and started writing when I was a teenager.  I have read a wide variety of author’s and I believe that being well read is subjective. I tire easily of people who are snobbish as to what defines, “well read”, I say if it interests you read it but don’t knock the pro’s untill you have read some, please. People should read more especially children and young adults.

I will not tolerate comments that are hateful or racist, I don’t mind foul language but please don’t abuse or confuse good fun for being caustic.

     Some of my stead fast belief’s:

I have faith In a God  Existence but not in religions.

I believe in past live’s. 

I believe in ghost’s and UFO’s, I like most things Paranormal & Supernatural.  

 I believe that science and God coexist.

I believe that the political, party system, in this country is broken and needs repair or replacement. 

I believe that the republican party is corrupt and in need of deep  investigation, perhaps an independent prosecutor.

I believe that diet is the cause of ADD,  ADHD & OCD …   & that food preservatives are a major contributor to many illnesses and cancer, Along with pesticide’s and other chem. ‘s

I believe that the world needs to break, it’s, dependency on coal & oil

I believe that global warming is a natural process and we have hastened, it’s, effects.

I believe men should stay out of women’s right to choose & their health issues.

  Some thing’s I really love & like:

All Women.

The Chicago CUBs, BULLs,  BLACK HAWKs &  DA- BEARs

Blues and Americana  – rock & roll.

Vintage automobiles.

Dog’s  and people who like-have Dog’s

All people mostly.

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  1. Your comment made me wonder a lot about you, how did you find my blog, why do say things that makes me feel like you know me, who are you?

    anyway, thanks for the kind yet provoking words.


    • AH~~~~ The trail I have left, you have found and it has lead you to this sound. A stillness where my heart does pound, for you. Now tell me what did he ask you, to do for him? When you were younger than you are now. I will only expound when you bare to me your truth, not one moment sooner than I read your answer. So tell me honestly, What Did He Say?

    • You may seek me out though in my place, untill such a time my words you do embrace. I corny but true, I know you won’t wait.

  2. Stranger, you mess with my head.

    Are you talking about my father? Do you know him? Or who is the He you’re refering to? lots of questions,your riddles as a response is not good enough, my memorie fails to recall whatever you’re talking about. Give me a clue, do I even know you?

  3. So much talent in you resides, your heart that quivers, “Loves” reprize. So it is honesty that I seek, I do one better to set your mind at eas. So many querries, to my simple plea, I will answer, 1, 2, & 4. Plus one clue, is that All you seak(?) then hear it is, get ready to freek, (OMG). 1.) It is not your dad, that I speak. 2.)I know not of your sire, from whence you be. 4.) Of corse you know me, I am as all in humanity.

    Now that your querry is all but compleat, I have a duty to quiet your mind that runs free. I am not a stalker, nor preditor. Nor anything that you need run from. I like you have a mission that is not yet done.

    This is what he asked of me. To bare his anvil, to be it’s keep, to make clean all that befalls. If I choose to ignore, I have a consequence, I can not aford. So I say to you now, remove all fear, erase all doubt. Let chilhoods passion play and dance within and without. Now I fear I have lost my rhyme, I love its canter, poetry and chime. “There I have it back”.

    Now there is just one thing more before I go, some unfinished business of a promiss I keep. So It Is my pleaser to honor my word. To leave that clue you so wantenly seek. Think well of it and ponder all that it imply’s for it is not in a book or the world outside. So I hope your ready without delay, here is that CLUE: “to sleep per chance to dream” Shakespeer.

    My time for now does grow short, you know the path to my door. Come and give me the answer I implore, What did he ask you to do for him? As into each life a little rain must fall, To water the flowers for spring to adore. Bella in Arms remember the Love and Knowledge, fore it is in that, those spaces you need to acknowledge. REMEMBER

  4. Oh~~~ but you dream. So then tell me why You fight the sleep? What is the problem in just plain speach. The plumb wine can’t sustain you for long and I do believe that you have much too much talent to let it go to waiste. talk to me without all the color. Try and tell me just what you think about when you lay there and think. I’m not pretending to be concerned, I really do care. I suffered from insomnia for a long time. Go back to my blog and read, In with the lamb out with the lion, and you will see we may have a bit in common. Can you please try, If for now just for me? It might make a difference if you found a way to talk about it. If not tell me to stop, and I will. Though I think that would be a big misstake, you decide, It can only get better my dear.

  5. Good to hear from you Mark! Glad you are still finding time o be creative- you obviously have a lot to share.
    I’m living in Northeast Washington now- teaching sped kids & living on a pretend farm.
    I’ll watch your postings & enjoy your lyrical commentary from afar.
    from your PEAPOD days:)

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