Belle Your so misunderstood.

I see through your vail beyond the haze of cafe smoke.

Bright, lilting lady the seasons come and go.

Though we remain constants to bare witness to their shame.

There is no burden too great or truth too small that will drown your sorrows or numb your joys.

Bold winter flower reaching for the sun under cover of night your journey has already begone.

So many roads to choose from, so many left to roam.

You my dear, are the traveler, the seeker the one whose path has cause.

As the foot fell & heart pounds.

A soul dancer like Boudicca, steadfast and true.

Brave, brave Belle I lent you my sword.

To fend off, to cut down false prophets sinews.

You know who I am even though my touch is withdrawn.

My vigilance, watches over your supple deftness.

You have something, something to secure.

After the last tear does fall & chorus is sung.

I will bathe in their salty pool & haunting melody, for you.

I bid you, adieux.

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