In With the Lamb and Out With the Lion

It was a cold  October day, when freedom was lost,

to that which betrays.

A wolf in disguise, resentful and mean,  

a wall too tall for his scheme 

The day after much to celebrate, in a lonesome cell,

commited to waste.

Stripped down naked,  with no redress,

drugged and bound in duress.

Within  this place, let the games begin,

of the fittest boldest men win.

Of battles cast, the warrior toils,

who laughs last?

In my cries nary a tear, I have no retreat,

I know no fear.

within my mind I survive, in my depth I reside,

a shadow did I cast.

Picks and shovels I use, in labyrinths I design,  

a fortress refuge.

Scopes to delve in my truth, I dodge and weave 

their pursuits, I remain I allude.

I possess  what they need, to line their files,

to suit their beliefs.

My betrayer roams free,  a man void of heart,

 his unwitting cohorts in misery

Their sadness no conciliation, they keep no celebration,

who is under lock and key? 

Wile my body limp, my eye’s widely dim,

my soul is free from within.

I sailed oceans and heavens, over mountains and land,

found no solace in Gods comand.

I needed no reprieve, no governors stay,

to outlast my capture’s decree’s.

Strong formed will from heart, beyond these doors 

I depart, free in my late March.

On that day marked 30th, 170 days did pass,

my flesh pale in spring sun at last.

With my armor replaced, my lance in hand,

I braved the void once again.

My betrayers erroneous,  my vow re-invoked, 

a new day surely began.

My home is gone, my possession trashed,

remembering only what did last.

That man fled west, persue him I would not,

into the feral and deluded vast. 

My betrayer is old , he himself betrayed, 

no teeth or venom to spew. 

My laughter is mute,though its barely a sigh, 

sad he chose such a view.

At  last I can tell you, who that man WAS,

my father a sire is all hes due.

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