(lyric) Rapture

When I was a young man I went out on my own

With  so  many roads to choose from and so many left to roam

I met a woman, along my way

She showed me shelter, it was a fine place to stay


We watched the seasons, change

Took long walk’s, in the pouring rain

Whispered secrets, till the  morning light filled the sky


But my time came, for leaving

Like the sun, rises and falls

She said, she  would think of me

If I could promise her, I would call


Some times, I feel it (lord)

When she’s thinking, about me

A strong vibration, raptures inside of me  


I haven’t returned, to many places

I once, traveled from

I never saw a reason, that made much sense

But this strong vibration, that raptures inside of me 


Today, I’m leaving

Going back, to that  place

If she will have me, I’m gonna surely stay      

Published on March 23, 2010 at 9:19 am  Comments (1)  

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  1. I love this poem!!!

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