My Dog, Nachi

25 years ago I had a black lab pure breed, off a reservation, given to me as a gift. A real special dog and friend, We hitch hiked all over the western U.S.A. together. We were living CO. when one day, when I was at work, my B-day as a matter of fact, my home was broken into. The robber had a huge surprise when Nachi attacked him. Well the human slug, won that fight and beat my dog to within an inch of his blessed life.

My neighbor told me the rest of what happened, I had to be restrained by one of Co. finest, law enforcement . What he did next (the robber) was too much to believe possible. He picked up my Nachi by his coat/fur of his back and through him down a flight of concrete steps. Nachi ran for his three yr.old life, animal control picked him up about 15 miles away 45 min. later. If that wasn’t enough, he drank from a stream and got a parasite, and he was just about dead.

The vet at animal control said it would be best to put him down, sorry it still makes me cry. I said NO FN way man and took him to my vet. He had multiple bones broken, ruptured spleen, internal bleeding and he was still all heart of gold, with that nasty parasite….. Well let me tell you when he woke up from surgery (the first time) he and I hooked eye’s and I swear to god it was like he was talking to me he was so relieved to see me, (I’m crying again) We never had to speak out loud to each other again I can’t explain it, it just is the truth.

Well over $3,000.00 later and 2 days a week working for the vet for six months or so was the very least I could do for him. Well now, let me weigh in to how much a pet owner should spend on their joy’s. It’s a case by case thing you have to weigh the age of your pet, the breeds history, the impact on the rest of the family and home life, the cost of treatment, and the post treatment recovery, drugs…. then you must be reasonable, not emotional, that is the hardest part, remember you have other responsibilities too maybe children who need that summer camp experience, or a car repair so you can get to work to earn that money…. the point is they are pets no matter how much you love them, shelters are full of pets who also have to be saved and your love for your pets will never be a loss no matter how much you miss them.

A message to all them rich folk out there who have money to burn. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Consider your pets needs and the quality of what there live will be, after all you are a human being not a god. I almost want to tell you the rest of Nachi Cochises story, perhaps if I’m asked to or maybe a book someday.I LOVE YOU PAL

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