Soul Dancer

She dances on stage neatly set 

She dances, a dance I won’t forget

Into my heart and out of my mind

Beyond the boundaries of both space and time

Within my memory, she is intertwined

To dance in my soul, is her varied design

Around each emotion a passion resides

An emptiness a void, cloaked in life

A loss too painful,  a grace sublime

Into each incarnation, my spirit finds life

Her ever presence, touches mine

A lover a mother, sister or daughter

Like sustaining, from a drink of water  

When temper & vigor, wanes day’s end

In rest to dream, in her embrace

Soul dancer, she dances for no applause

No bling no bobble, gives her cause

Her passion a muse, an ancient call

She is beauty & light, spring and fall

Just out of reach, like winters snow 

Like when leaves are full, & shade is cold

She is extreme, in every room

Who is she, that vex’s my solitude

Who occupies the corners, of my view

Is she justice, the virgin a specter or sprite

Who  gives me pause, when calm turns to fright

She comes to me, turning darkness into light

She  must be an angel or friend of mine

An old soul, from a past life

Perhaps a mistress, a child or my wife

It doesn’t really matter, her love is real

Soul dancer, she dances on toe & heal

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