The Warrior

We were men, boys and children of God.

We won, we lost we pledged our life,

to all that is dear we sacrifice.

With sharpened swords & sheathed knives,

 we knew no other way to live or die.

Our mother’s, wives and children’s cries,

gone unheard, in their reprise.

They morn our loss, as we gave our lives.

We forfeited our future to this selfless strife.

We knew only duty to that command,

we questioned no order or measure of sand.

Under banners, color’s, fife and drum.

We marched cadence and tempo,

through glory and blood.

We were Hero’s, Conqueror’s,   

Liberator’s of chattel and slave. 

We gave no quarter, we dug no grave.  

When fight was near or battle won, 

only in solitude, did we long to be done.

We took our spoil for our toil.

For the enemy, we never shed a tear,

for son’s and father’s lay dieing in fear.

Burdened, soaked and feral,

Lo, those haunted fields.

We fought hand to hand, across lines too real.

Over ridge’s, down valley’s & noll’s,

under sun, weather, hot or cold.

Nothing dulled these sense’s or tone,

perhaps a sojourn or wines loose hold.

When elder or broken, our will’s did  slow,

but not the spirit, in these throw’s. 

This is the way, of the warrior, of old.

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  1. The warrior is a calling,he does not take pleasure in the killing. He does his job without hatred. His loved ones do mourn him if he dies in the battle and they always know it is possible because it is his job. The poem expresses this beautifully.

  2. So true, as to each life is a caling. Though I think that the Warrior lives within the extreams, Of hatred and love. At points I believe a self loathing tares at his spirit. Because the circle logic that is needed to take a life can’t give peace or calm to the conciousness, awareness of the kill or be killed mantality of war. His own self worth becomes a strugle to maintain. I don’t believe there is a distinction in mourning, as we mourn many different forms of loss. War is hainous, women in today’s army adds a new dimention to the human condition. Wile equality is altimately needed, war is not a progress it is a detriment to the will & the good of the human condition.

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